STAR 08/06 **BLIND ITEM #1**
i think the exquisite does fit- at award shows and such, she can look very elegant, imo. actually, it's a really good guess. Ashley Remove the 'plete' from 'complete' to e-mail me.
by brer
Simone: Its not easy being a digital movie star
A STAR IS MADE By Megan Turner SHE'S two parts Madonna, two parts Julia Roberts and one part Princess Di, with the body of Sophia Loren and the charm of Grace Kelly. If that sounds way too good to be ...
Psycho star Janet Leigh has died
BREAKING NEWS 'Psycho' star Janet Leigh has died, the publicist for her daughter, actress Jamie Lee Curtis, tells CNN. Details soon.
by Master_Cheif
Re: John Walshs Wife Files for Divorce
Wasn't Mick Jagger who sang a song called 'Star F**ker'? Anyone who is famous is a legit target. Even the little guy in 'Austin Powers'.
by brer
Jennifer Connelly couldnt take Russells bad manners
NY DAILY NEWS/RUSH AND MOLLOY..... Jennifer Connelly is still fending off questions about Russell Crowe. Connelly admits in the new issue of Vanity Fair that Crowe's manners were a bit lacking when ...
by calgal415
Ben Browder News!
Browder Joins SG-1 SCI FI Channel confirmed that Farscape star Ben Browder will join the cast of SCI FI's original series Stargate SG-1. Browder will join the cast in the show's upcoming ninth ...
by doma
Cybill Shepherd Battling Cancer
Cybill Shepherd Battling Cancer Daily Record August 23, 2002 MOONLIGHTING star Cybill Shepherd is battling skin cancer. The 52-year-old mother of three was diagnosed with melanoma and had a scaly ...
by Mercury74
Re: Julie Cypher is Getting Married
... ~ ~ ~ * * * * * Mids My light shall be the moon and my path - the ocean . . . My guide the morning star as I sail home to you . . ...
by Mercury74
Russell Crowe, a girlie-man?
... or! Russell Crowe had to be subdued by a woman after he went berserk at a party in Mexico. Crowe is starring as the fictional Capt. Jack Aubrey in 'The Far Side of the World,' the tenth in the late ...
by vgwhiz
The Bitter Child Custody Battle Between Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee Is Back In Court
Oh to be a fly on the wall for the psych eval. LOS ANGELES - Actress Pamela Anderson and her ex-husband, drummer Tommy Lee, were back in Los Angeles Superior Court today in their acrimonious child ...
by newverswk
Paramount Censors Fox Interview With Martin Lawrence
By Roger Friedman/FOX NEWS You may have read how Hollywood publicists try to manipulate the press. But you don't know the lengths they go to accomplish this violation of the First Amendment. ...
by newverswk
Re: Soderberghs Rules Almost Cost Julia Her Reputation
> This is in no way a defense for Mr. Ed
by Jim Dooley
Gastnyer leaves SNL
Gasteyer Ends 'SNL' Gig Wed Aug 21, 3:23 AM ET By Michael Schneider HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Gemini's Twin may be looking for a new member: 'Saturday <email> ( news - Y! TV)' player Ana Gasteyer, ...
by waylowrider
Charlie Chaplins Knighthood Was Held Back
By JANE WARDELL, Associated Press Writer LONDON (AP) - Britain postponed knighting Charlie Chaplin for nearly 20 years because of his romantic escapades and his politics, according to secret ...
by juliannamed
Meeting...Bo Bice
EXCLUSIVE BO BICE Interview!!!!!! Watch this interview where the newlywed American Idol star discusses his latest album, musical influences and fatherhood. Get up close and personal with Bo Bice as ...
by cipioxx
Slightly OT:Celebrity status nomination: Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf (aka Baghdad Bob)
I'd like to nominate Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf (aka Baghdad Bob) for honorary celebrity status. His level of denial and creative bending of the truth put him right up there with 'I was researching a ...
by Steve_crash
MTV Movie Awards Insider Search!
MTV News and Coca-Cola® are searching for a fan to go behind the scenes with them at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards and deliver their exclusive coverage to MTV! The winner will be whisked away to L.A., ...
by SallyWarner
Re: Sampras-Wilson expecting a baby
is that why his tennis has been so bad lately? * * * * *~ ~ ~ ~ ~ * * * * * Mids My light shall be the moon and my path - the ocean . . . My guide the morning star as I sail home to you . . .
by LucaGrella
Re: Kelly Osbourne What Were U Thinking?
It's Hill's star, Kristin Cavallari's turn to discuss her top 5 best and worst fashion choices on! Check it out here ...
by BeccaH
Angelinas Tattoo Agony
... se of estranged husband Billy Bob Thornton - with the removal of her tattoos. The Girl, Interrupted star has a mass of body art proclaiming her love for the wayward Monster's ...
by vgwhiz
Lonely Renee cries on Demis shoulder
STAR MAGAZINE.... CHICAGO beauty Renee Zellweger should be on top of the world after her Oscar
by quelleinc
Re: JON VOIGHTs on E! - WTF?!
They had already split up before 'Coming Home,' so probably not. Why Jane Fonda? Why not another co-star? Linda C.
by eugenek
Re: Gretchen Mol and the curse of Vanity Fair
That's really true. I remember when the Sunday Magazine did a big feature on Julia Ormond and what a star she was going to be. Weht her?
by ppope
Martin Sheen Heartbroken Over Lowe Leaving
... A, Calif. (AP) - Martin Sheen said he is heartbroken over the impending departure of 'West Wing' co-star Rob Lowe, who is quitting the Emmy-winning NBC series over a salary dispute. 'I was shocked ...
by cipioxx
Re: Megan Mullally
I Know megan mullallly she a star Of 'Will and Grace' She Played Karen walker grace adler's assissant Megan's Father And Mother Martha And carter mullally, Jr. Maybe not have Megan Mullally You Found ...
by DuaneW
American Idol: Night of the Living Christinas
... w about twice, but it seems to me, it's just a weekly series about a bunch of people who want to be stars, are 'judged,' and stay or are booted out. A combination of 'Survivor' and a soap;under the ...
by bluedog30
Christopher Walken wont be back in directors chair
... opher Walken has vowed to stick to his day job after admitting he doesn't make a good director. The star admits he's far too relaxed on film sets to direct a cast and crew, which he ...
by picovax
Music Gossip 7/16
Christina Aguilera In Eatery Disorder 16 July 2002 Pop babe Christina Aguilera had a top West Hollywood restaurant in a tizzy with her outrageous behaviour during a recent night out. The singer and ...
by quaternion
Kylie: tacky INXS death jibe by fmr lover
Jase love fury years on COMEBACK kid JASON DONOVAN sure knows how to hold a grudge. The singer has lashed out at his dead former love rival with an astonishingly tasteless jibe. Jase split with KYLIE ...
by doma
Re: If Halle Only Likes The Brothas...
Oh, i'm right there with you on how beautiful she is. But let's face facts to, in addition to her beauty, the fact that there's only a handful of bankable black actors for her to work against which ...
by doma
Meet the beach bums
LOS ANGELES ( - The casting people at CBS must have been in a Lone Star state of mind when they finalized the contestant pool for 'Survivor: Thailand.' Six of the 16 contestants, ...
by tibbs
Renee sick of weight obsessed media
... EGER SICK OF WEIGHT OBSESSED MEDIA Actress Renee Zellweger has attacked the media, accusing them of starting a worldwide obsession with her weight. Since the star was required to gain weight for her ...
by quelleinc
Jeannette Walls 7/17/02
Britney fans at Dubya's house? Plus: Cruise control at work; Mick Jagger's little height lie With Ashley Pearson July 17 - Don't be surprised if you hear strains of 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' coming ...
by cipioxx
Re: I miss...........
It's John Candy for me. I heard his co-star, Maureen O'Hara, describe him as a really sweet man...and I liked most of his comedies.
by eugenek
Are You Ready For Johnny Depp As the Mad Hatter?
Anything Johnny Depp is good news in my book and anyone bringing me such news is my new best friend!So, My new best friend Hot Mamma Gossip clued me in that Johnny Depp Has 3 great new projects ...
by Louise
Clay Aiken Back on Broadway
... oadway stage in the role of Sir Robin in Monty Python's Spamalot. He has sign to continue the role starting September 19th through January 4th. Unofficial sources say that Clays presents on the ...
by Louise
by Skygirl

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