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by Lamahe
Where is that **** picture of Rosie?
I have read this group for the last few days and saw a couple of threads discussing Rosie O Donnell's new hairstyle. At first I did not care but now I want to see it. Where is this photo? I checked ...
by bluedog30
Welcome Sky-Diamonds to AGC Picture Pages
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by ipod
Re: Ann Coulter: Hands of Weirdness
That lady could palm a cash register, why does she write books? Maybe someone pasted her head on a picture of Dennis Rodman or Jar Jar Binks. Maybe she's holding a foot long submarine sandwich with ...
by Lamahe
Re: Jennifer Connelly couldnt take Russells bad manners
... yes and joked that he was wearing her underwear (at least I think it was joke). They also showed a picture what they said is ...
by steven_upton
The wide world of Harvey Weinstein
NY POST/PAGE SIX.... HARVEY Weinstein is everywhere lately. The Miramax mogul just returned from the Los Angeles premiere of Steven Soderbergh's 'Full Frontal,' which features 'a fake Harvey,' a ...
by bhargav0303
Ron Howard Forgets About The Alamo
By Michael Fleming NEW YORK (Variety) - Director Ron Howard will not lead the charge on 'The Alamo,' because Disney is taking too long to get the prestige project into production. Howard, off his ...
by rojettafoxx
Re: Drunk American West pilots in rehab
There was an article in the Enquirer about a week or two ago, and it showed several pictures of the daughter, including one clutching the drunk pilot's picture. The article referred to the drunk ...
by AngelinaLip
Lets Redo The Oscars Darlings!
Sweeties, Reading about the 1945 awards and how they took 90 minutes to present got me thinking. What if WE were the boss of everything and could decide what is and isn't televised? Hmmm? What would ...
by picovax
Hitler Favorite Celebrates Centenary
By Adam Tanner BERLIN (Reuters) - Leni Riefenstahl, the legendary film maker who became notorious as Adolf Hitler's favorite director, celebrates her 100th birthday today. For decades Riefenstahl has ...
by ipod
Lisa Marie........so sad!
Why is it that every picture of Lisa Marie shows a young lady without a smile on her face?
by IronSun
What Killed Heath Ledger?
According to Christian Bale even considering that Heath Ledgers role as the joker contributed to his death is ridiculous. Bale rubbished the speculation in an interview with Total Film, saying: ...
by Louise
Fashion Designer Anand Jon is Found Guilty of Rape
goood! not that he raped, no, that is obviously not good, but that he was found guilty. He raped 9 models between the ages of 14 - 21 at the time of the rapes which is makes him not only a rapist ...
by Louise
Harry & Hermione??? NO NO NO
... ay? Don't get me wrong it's not that I didn't want Dumbledore to be gay- it's just that I didn't picture Dumbledore having feelings for a man or a woman. I thought he would just be cooler asexual. ...
by Louise
Where's Tori Spelling?
I was wondering about the absence of Tori Spelling in the 20910 remake picture here, (well I wasn't really spending a whole lot of time on wondering, just wondering as a time filler when I was ...
by Louise
Do you really want to see this?
The first cast photo of the new 90210 I borrowed this picture from the Evil Beet who seems to have the same opinion as me about the sadness of this show ever coming to pass. I was barely able to ...
by Louise
Maddona On Tour With A Staff Of 250 People
Apparently, on this up comming tour, Maddona has a staff of 250 people to back her up. The newest addition is The Chiropractor Dr. Steven Margolin. As her performance is High energy she ...
by Louise
Clay Aiken Back on Broadway
Clay Aiken, (second season runner up) who has very recently become a dad is returning to the Broadway stage in the role of Sir Robin in Monty Python's Spamalot. He has sign to continue the role ...
by Louise
Is Mathew Cheating on Sarah?
Don't they look like the picture of happiness? I thought so, but according to Celeb Warship Mathew was caught cheating on Sarah with a 25 year old redhead. What surprised Celeb Warship most, ...
by Louise
Meryl Streep Against Selling Baby Pictures
Meryl Steep the mother of four children, is completely against selling rich and famous baby pictures to the press, even if the money does goes charity. "One thing I learned very early on is that ...
by Louise
Are You Ready For Selita Eubanks
Selita Eubanks Being Gorgeous There really isn't a whole lot more to say, exept thank you for the picture Ghetto Fabulous. If you want to see more Selita pics go over to Ghetto Fabulous
by Louise
Imagine Yourself Looking Like This
... is a little scary... I admit - she doesn't have a soft look or your classic beauty, but she is the picture of a strong woman, which is not a bad thing to be these days. (she doesn't look like she ...
by Louise
The Easiest Way to Keep Paula Abdul As A Judge On The Show
If you have seen the video and photos of her video from the Super Bowl comeback then you might have already realized that she is not going anywhere. Well sure she needs to perform from time to ...
by Louise
Imagine Yourself and Your Child Like This
No Thank you. I would really rather not. more pictures here actually, this picture made me feel really bad - it is one thing to paparazzi the rich and famous who chose to do what they do with ...
by Louise
American Idol Does Open The Way
If you wandered whether American Idol has the potential to open door for a career in music the answer is yes if you are good. Two past American Idol contestants,Carrie Underwood and Kellie Pickler ...
by Louise

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