Ben Browder News!
Browder Joins SG-1 SCI FI Channel confirmed that Farscape star Ben Browder will join the cast of SCI FI's original series Stargate SG-1. Browder will join the cast in the show's upcoming ninth ...
by doma
WWE news, rumours, gossip and innuendo for Tuesday, 20 August, 2002
. Whoever wrote Taker's piece went Stephanie McMahon or Vince Russo? Take your pick. I'd like to hear your opinion on that. By the way, I'm surprised Stephanie didn't show up on RAW. What's with ...
by DuaneW
Jason Mewes: news or gossip?
Any recent news about Jason Mewes? He was supposed to be at a comic book store in Nashville on Saturday, February 22nd*. Did anyone attend that? I read on that he had a new ...
by vgwhiz
WWE news, rumours, gossip and innuendo for Monday, 22 July, 2002
It's hard to believe she is 76 years old!
by Keermalec
OT - Breaking News - Trapped Miners Contacted for the latest.
by Linda2
WWE news, rumours, gossip and innuendo for Friday, 23 August, 2002
Didnt watch any of it, but.... John Cena is a purty man! (just felt like it was time for me to note
by stevo_jimmy
Liquid News on MJ
Liquid News, the entertainment news programme on BBC Choice, has just run a report on the 'dangling'. Michael's bodyguard refused to defend what Michael did, saying it was very stupid, he said ...
by stevo_jimmy
Jon Voight, crazy or concerned father?
NY DAILY NEWS/RUSH AND MOLLOY..... Jon Voight broke down in tears on TV last night in a plea to his daughter, Angelina Jolie, to 'get help' for what he said are 'serious mental problems.' In a ...
by Brian Albin
Re: O/T: Kidnapped 7-year-old unties bonds, flees out window
How many times do you feel better after having watched the news? Almost never, and that's why I rarely tune in. However, I made an exception after reading about this on the net. What a beautiful
by lakeswalker
Re: Jennifer Connelly couldnt take Russells bad manners
They've been dating for the past few months so it's kind of old news. It's been reported in the celebrity media long before it was confirmed by Paul. I'm sure there are many people who don't know ...
by armanilounge
Psycho star Janet Leigh has died
BREAKING NEWS 'Psycho' star Janet Leigh has died, the publicist for her daughter, actress Jamie Lee Curtis, tells CNN. Details soon.
by Master_Cheif
Bill Moyers arrested for DUI
... l Moyers faces a DUI charge after being arrested last weekend in Vermont. Moyers, who hosts the PBS news series ...
by stevo_jimmy
Re: The Bitter Child Custody Battle Between Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee Is Back In Court
they both are a bunch of has-beens, using this to keep them in the news. now if one of them would kidnap the child we'd have another media blitz/amber alert for a few days. maybe that would satisfy ...
by AngelinaLip
Someone get Martha Stewart another aspirin
By GEORGE RUSH NY DAILY NEWS GOSSIP COLUMNIST Someone get Martha Stewart another aspirin. Having been barbecued in two unauthorized biographies, the domestic diva can look forward to another turn on ...
by swissgazer
Re: Sharon Osbourne:
****, THAT'S refreshing, someone in H'wood actually taking responsibility for their **** up offspring. Based on the few episodes I watched, I'd have to agree with Mrs.Osbourne; those kids need ...
by steven_upton
Paramount Censors Fox Interview With Martin Lawrence
By Roger Friedman/FOX NEWS You may have read how Hollywood publicists try to manipulate the press. But you don't know the lengths they go to accomplish this violation of the First Amendment. ...
by newverswk
Re: OT....Large Scale Ground Beef Recall
... > :> EST 969 :> :> :> :> :> :> :Another reason why I'm a vegetarian. : I saw on the news that the same flavor of E. coli they identified has also been found on fruits and ...
by Limnothrix
Re: Ron Howard Forgets About The Alamo
Hey all, check out the Alamo Movie site at: for the latest news and gossip about the film and its delays.
by LucaGrella
Re: Miner Miracle Questions
Better yet, please keep Geraldo away from anything that is news worthy. If I have to endure another show of his 'emotion' I think I'll vomit. Billie 'STUPIDITY IS NOT A HANDICAP. Park elsewhere!' AGC ...
by Quesakol
Re: Where is that **** picture of Rosie?
I guess I should have's a better pic on Yahoo. -
by quelleinc
Roddy, master player?
by Rick Porter Zap2it, TV news LOS ANGELES ( - For someone no one, save her TV boyfriend Roddy, professed in private to like, Chiara sure seems to have caused a lot of heartache by leaving ...
by ppope
Quayle Blasts Friends
From Quayle Blasts 'Friends' He's at it again: Ten years after his comments about Murphy Brown's baby caused a national controversy, former vice president Dan Quayle is expressing ...
by LucaGrella
Re: Stephanopoulos: 17
Thank you. I try to use some humor to make my messages a little more interesting. It's part of my personality. But, what gives me the most pleasure on the Internet, is finding new photographs of ...
by Skygirl
Re: The Abduction Arrest Story
In Sunderland, Mass., Samantha's biological father, Derek Jackson, mourned her Thursday at a news conference from his home. 'I will always stay connected with her. She will live in my heart when I ...
by cipioxx
Carrie Underwood Redux
'American Idol' alum Carrie Underwood wins two prizes at the Country Music Television Awards: And yes, she did thank 'Idol,' among others.
by stevo_jimmy
Tiger, Nicklaus Team Up at Bighorn
By DOUG FERGUSON, AP Golf Writer PALM DESERT, Calif. (AP) - The team format for the Battle at Bighorn has changed this year from alternate shot to best ball, which should put a little more life into ...
by swasta
Gastnyer leaves SNL
... hneider HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Gemini's Twin may be looking for a new member: 'Saturday <email> ( news - Y! TV)' player Ana Gasteyer, whose characters included Jonette in ...
by waylowrider
Celebrity Real Estate 08/04
Closing His Bel-Air Wing By Ruth Ryon, Times Staff Writer JOHN SPENCER, who plays presidential chief of staff Leo McGarry in the Emmy-winning NBC series 'The West Wing,' has put his Bel-Air home on ...
by filarete
Ozzy demands Fox pull interview
From OZZY LAWYERS: 'This interview was conducted under false pretenses, in violation of our clients' legal rights and contrary to established journalistic standards, and is ...
by Jim Dooley
Trading Spaces Gives Fans More
by Kate O'Hare Zap2it, TV News LOS ANGELES ( - As if episodes every single day
by Limnothrix
Angelina + ?? -- Who will be next?
After the news of her filing, there must be more than a few actors whose people are calling her people. Who will it be next? 1. Please, God, not George Clooney. Being that he doesn't want children, ...
by jillsandr
Elizabeth Smart 7/23
News tonight is reporting a 'new drawing' of the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping suspect, so it's now obvious that LE had a prior one. This drawing was developed with the assistance of an Arizona ...
by rojettafoxx
Slightly OT:Celebrity status nomination: Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf (aka Baghdad Bob)
I'd like to nominate Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf (aka Baghdad Bob) for honorary celebrity status. His level of denial and creative bending of the truth put him right up there with 'I was researching a ...
by Steve_crash
Re: Ok Titney Has Gained Weight
She must have been binge eating the last few days 'cause she don't look bad here ...
by AngelinaLip
MTV Movie Awards Insider Search!
MTV News and Coca-Cola® are searching for a fan to go behind the scenes with them at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards and deliver their exclusive coverage to MTV! The winner will be whisked away to L.A., ...
by SallyWarner
Teletubbies makes play for diversity
By DONNA PETROZZELLO NY DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER Creature feature: The Teletubbies 'Teletubbies,' the occasionally maligned though very popular children's series about four alien-like creatures with ...
by Skygirl
... lifornia and I love all the things related to celebrities (e.g. gossips, fashion, rumors, Hollywood news etc.). It seems really ...
by alicefred
Re: Liv Tyler Has Baby Boy
Most news sources are saying that it was a boy. I didn't check any of the entertainment sites though.
by quelleinc

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