as the official keeper of nicholas lea, i'm happy to forward this note from
by vgwhiz
Simone: Its not easy being a digital movie star
A STAR IS MADE By Megan Turner SHE'S two parts Madonna, two parts Julia Roberts and one part Princess Di, with the body of Sophia Loren and the charm of Grace Kelly. If that sounds way too good to be ...
MTV Movie Awards Insider Search!
MTV News and Coca-Cola® are searching for a fan to go behind the scenes with them at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards and deliver their exclusive coverage to MTV! The winner will be whisked away to L.A., ...
by SallyWarner
O/T: Help! Latest movie info??
I need to ask you smart people a question.... I'm looking for the latest movie news for George Clooney's next movie 'Solaris'... I've tried the official movie site, CHUD, Ain't It Cool News, and Dark ...
by luckynup
Martha Stewart: The Movie
I hear NBC is planning a movie about the domestic diva/soon to be jailbird(perhaps). Who would you cast in the title role? My vote goes to Candice Bergen. Jamie
by Mercury74
Re: Jon Voight, crazy or concerned father?
I get the same vibe that perhaps Voight molested Angelina. But....weren't they in a movie together?
by quaternion
Re: Jason Mewes: news or gossip?
there aren't going to be any more Jay and Silent Bob movies because of Jason's heroin use. :-( I hope he gets clean soon, because he's too funny and cute to throw his talent away. He and Jeff ...
by Mercury74
The wide world of Harvey Weinstein
... Angeles premiere of Steven Soderbergh's 'Full Frontal,' which features 'a fake Harvey,' a heavyset movie producer who guzzles ...
by bhargav0303
Re: WWE news, rumours, gossip and innuendo for Tuesday, 20 August, 2002
What's going to happen to Amy Dumas? Are they letting 'Lita' go? I haven't heard much about her since news of her neck injuries. I hear she's healing...but in my opinion, there's no telling if we'll ...
by Limnothrix
Re: Pa. Coal Miners found alive
Good, how long before the tv movie? :)
by rbravo
Someone get Martha Stewart another aspirin
By GEORGE RUSH NY DAILY NEWS GOSSIP COLUMNIST Someone get Martha Stewart another aspirin. Having been barbecued in two unauthorized biographies, the domestic diva can look forward to another turn on ...
by swissgazer
Paramount Censors Fox Interview With Martin Lawrence
By Roger Friedman/FOX NEWS You may have read how Hollywood publicists try to manipulate the press. But you don't know the lengths they go to accomplish this violation of the First Amendment. ...
by newverswk
Re: Why do they have boy bands on kids movies soundtracks?
David Bowie was in Labrynth. That movie rocked... it's undeniable scientific fact. 'Jump magic jump...'
by johnhaigh
Re: Ron Howard Forgets About The Alamo
Hey all, check out the Alamo Movie site at: for the latest news and gossip about the film and its delays.
by LucaGrella
Re: Where is that **** picture of Rosie?
Well it seems to have grown out a bit since the pic in People. Is it me or does the style seem to be based on that character she voiced in the Tarzan movie, that little ape thing (boy or girl?) Turk?
by calgal415
Re: Melanie Blasts Tabloids over Gabriel!!
> I think they got the cannibal from 'Beetleguise' to sprinkle some of that fairy dust on his head to make it shrink. (hopefully most of you saw
by Skygirl
Re: The Mighty Ricks Critique - Week Three Boys (8)
'Titanic' is the largest grossing movie of all time and it isn't even James Camrons best movie. Beyonce Knowles song from 'The Pink Panther' was the number one selling song for 6 weeks and still it's ...
by sailormars
Re: Pam Anderson on Larry King
Well gee Pam, thanks for checking in. Let me see, she said that Tommy hasn't seen the kids in a year and then later she said he's seen them 48 hours during the past 4 months. She said she was getting ...
by AngelinaLip
Soderberghs Rules Almost Cost Julia Her Reputation
Movie maker Steven Soderbergh's strict rules on the set of his new movie Full Frontal almost cost Julia Roberts her punctual reputation - because she got lost trying to find the set. The Traffic ...
by judyptarmigan
Celebrity Real Estate 08/04
Closing His Bel-Air Wing By Ruth Ryon, Times Staff Writer JOHN SPENCER, who plays presidential chief of staff Leo McGarry in the Emmy-winning NBC series 'The West Wing,' has put his Bel-Air home on ...
by filarete
Re: Lizzie Grubman, up close and personal
Ok, so who do you think will play Lizzie in the movie?
by tibbs
Re: Jeff Goldblums back...
... those bristle-like hairs that grew out of his back during 'The Fly...' Aware1, that was one creepy movie! (as was the ...
by hotsteno
Re: Arista Records announces Mario Vazquez Debut CD
... it was good. I still haven't heard this pimp one on the radio. Wasn't 'Breakaway' the most popular movie song that year? Did it not qualify for some reason? ...
by eugenek
Re: Angelina + ?? -- Who will be next?
** All good guesses - but do you ever read or see her with any female friends or companions? She seems like quite a loner actually. It will be interesting to see who she ends up with next.
by questura
MTV's DANCE FLICK - Ultimate Dance Off Contest
The new Wayans Brothers movie, DANCE FLICK opens May 22nd. If you can dance, you’re going to want to enter the "Ultimate Dance Off" because you could win $5,000 just for dancing!! Go to ...
by SallyWarner
Re: Ozzy and Conan...
Does Ozzy remind anyone else of gary Oldman in Coppola's Dracula movie? On Sun, 22 Sep 2002 19:02:14 -0500, 'Paul'
by waylowrider
Robin penns indescretion!
...well, all i can think is that the penns have decided to move right out of ross for good. first they get photographed taking *marijuana* in their driveway, and now she's in the papers living it up ...
by calgal415
Re: Is Harrison Fords Career Over?
The Mosquito Coast was a terrific movie
by filarete
Alias Premiere Primed for Princely Boost
... atment: the network is speeding up production on its buzzworthy Prince William biopic to ensure the movie will be ready for broadcast Sunday, Sept. ...
by AngelinaLip
Re: Do people really watch the Emmys?
As a tv person I can say I couldnt care less about the Emmy's. While I might see a fav show up for something (ie 24) and think 'cool, hope it wins something', ultimately I dont care. I have a little ...
by Brian Albin
Good Wishes Help Charlton Heston in Alzheimers Battle
LOS ANGELES - Oscar-winning actor Charlton Heston has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of concern by well wishers following his announcement earlier this month that he has symptoms consistent with ...
by imported_astro
...guess who?
(From a gossip email) Despite this actress's 'girl next door' image, crews on the set of her new movie are fed up with her nasty behavior and constant demands. She fired a caterer because her grapes ...
by lakeswalker
Hysterical Blindess..on HBO.
Also, several '90s vintage cars and SUVs were seen on the streets in the background. Also, Uma's Camaro is referred to as an 1984 but IIRC, the front-end is more that of an '89-92 vintage base model ...
by bluedog30
Re: James Lee Bares All To Declare Her Beauty a Myth
How long ago did she film 'True Lies'? It hasn't been that long, has it? She looked great in the movie. Did they use a body double??? Buttercup *^*^*/ Jane get me off this crazy thing! Are we having ...
by shanek
Box Office: X2 = $86 Million Weekend
Studio Estimates: 1. X2: X-Men United $85.8 mil - $85.8 mil New 2. The Lizzie McGuire Movie $17.1 mil - $17.1 mil New 3. Identity $9.5 mil -41.4% $30.3 mil 2 4. Anger Management $8.5 mil -43.4% ...
by waylowrider
Re: Hitler Favorite Celebrates Centenary
That film has been in the 'planning stage' for years. I'm sure that Jodie Foster will never move ahead with it while Riefenstahl is alive. For one thing, Riefenstahl won't give Foster the rights to ...
by Brian Albin
Music Gossip 7/16
Christina Aguilera In Eatery Disorder 16 July 2002 Pop babe Christina Aguilera had a top West Hollywood restaurant in a tizzy with her outrageous behaviour during a recent night out. The singer and ...
by quaternion
Batman vs. Superman casting
According to this week's EW, the following are being considered for the Batman vs. Superman movie: Matt Damon, Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, James Franco (who's he?), Jude Law and Paul Walker. ...
by Steve_crash
Re: Antonio Banderas feels safer in Buenos Aires than New York
Tonight at a screening of 'Blue Crush' at the Grove, film critic Leonard Maltin was sitting across the aisle from us. Wonder how he liked it? I liked it, but if you're scared of the ocean and/or ...
by Brian Albin
Jeannette Walls 7/17/02
Britney fans at Dubya's house? Plus: Cruise control at work; Mick Jagger's little height lie With Ashley Pearson July 17 - Don't be surprised if you hear strains of 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' coming ...
by cipioxx

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