Julie Cypher is Getting Married
What, a pain in the ****?
by shanek
Re: John Walshs Wife Files for Divorce
I worked for the Hollywood newspaper, the Sun-Tattler, when the Walsh kidnapping and threatened lawsuit took place, and we all became pretty familiar with the case and the Walshes. I've never heard ...
by shanek
Leeza Gibbons marriage ..............11 years and counting -
It's her second as far as I know. She married a bad boy first and admits it was the worst thing she did. Then she married a 'nice guy' and has been married ever since. Guess nice guys do finish last. ...
by angebote
Can Someone Give Me The Real Story On Jeniffer Aniston
and John Mayer - Is she pregnant? Are the getting married? Did she ask or did he?
by Louise
Re: SPOTTING: Irene McGee from the Real World Seattle
they are the ones that got married, correct?
by dsmithor
Re: Pa. Coal Miners found alive
Wrong. According to AP: 'Drilling a rescue shaft to the men, age 30 to 55, didn't begin until more than 20 hours after the accident, because workers had to wait for a drill rig to arrive from West ...
by jillsandr
Re: Jodie and Jennifer
last i heard, beals was married to alexandre rockwell, a producer/director who directed the episode of '4 rooms' that featured jb in a 'humorous' s&m relationship that is accidentally broken in on by ...
by dsmithor
Re: Soderberghs Rules Almost Cost Julia Her Reputation
Especially those married ones behind cameras. Mutt n' Mute
by IronSun
Charlie Chaplins Knighthood Was Held Back
By JANE WARDELL, Associated Press Writer LONDON (AP) - Britain postponed knighting Charlie Chaplin for nearly 20 years because of his romantic escapades and his politics, according to secret ...
by juliannamed
Re: The real Julia Roberts, not so pretty
If anything I think that B.B.'s family status would prompt her to stay married even if she didn't want to.
by Limnothrix
Re: Lets Redo The Oscars Darlings!
... merica, but important in the industry in LA which you have missed. One of them is sound and until I married a ...
by tibbs
Angelina + ?? -- Who will be next?
After the news of her filing, there must be more than a few actors whose people are calling her people. Who will it be next? 1. Please, God, not George Clooney. Being that he doesn't want children, ...
by jillsandr
Slightly OT:Celebrity status nomination: Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf (aka Baghdad Bob)
I'd like to nominate Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf (aka Baghdad Bob) for honorary celebrity status. His level of denial and creative bending of the truth put him right up there with 'I was researching a ...
by Steve_crash
Sampras-Wilson expecting a baby
LOS ANGELES (AP) - Tennis star Pete Sampras and his wife, actress Bridgette Wilson-Sampras, are expecting their first child at the end of the year. The 30-year-old Sampras, who has won the Wimbledon ...
by dh/dt
Heather Mills accepts damages from UK newspaper
LONDON (Reuters) - Former Beatle Paul McCartney's new wife, Heather Mills, has accepted $76,000 in damages from a British newspaper which claimed she was being investigated over charity money, her ...
by jillsandr
Liv Tyler Has Baby Boy
Posted on Wed, Dec. 15, 2004 Liv Tyler Has Baby Boy Associated Press NEW YORK - Steven Tyler is now, gasp, a grandfather. Liv Tyler, daughter of the Aerosmith lead singer and model Bebe Buell, gave ...
by PR-Text-Links
Re: Bebe buell
Actually, I don't think she was ever married to Steven Tyler
by dh/dt
Re: Goodbye ?
... they're going to be parents? Frasier finally finding the true love of his like and possible getting married again himself? And what ...
by tibbs
Re: Lisa sad!
Maybe she can't wipe the memory of being married to michael jackson out of her mind? dan
by waylowrider
Supernatural's Season 6 will be filmed in Jacksonville,Flori da- The cast and Writers of ...
... nger shoot their show in Vancouver,Canada or new york but only in Jacksonville,Florida. The happily married actors of Supernatural Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki,who both got married in real life ...
by celebenvy
Editor for People Magazine!!!!!!!!
... ce Oh put this on our site,supposedly placing an ad and writing this nonsense about those two being married. We have contacted Jensen Ackles' Publicist '' by the name of Ruth Bernstein'',who says ...
by peoplemagazine

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