Why do they have boy bands on kids movies soundtracks?
Hmmm, I'm not really concerned about what kind of music is in these movies. What concerns me is why a 5 year old boy is using the term '***** ****'.
Re: The Threes Company cast didnt age well...
He looks alright for 54. Unfortunately doing a show where your kids do nothing but tell 'old' jokes doesn't help.
by johnhaigh
NBC Enlists Foley for Sitcom
NBC Enlists Foley for Sitcom (****!! When I saw this headline, I thought that NBC was going to use Dave Foley from 'Kids In The Hall' and 'NewsRadio' in another sitcom. Unfortunately, thats the case. ...
by Skygirl
O/T: Kidnapped 7-year-old unties bonds, flees out window
Brave girl. I bet her and those kids who helped her out the window will be friends for life.
by johnhaigh
Breasfeeding 8 year old
... the original link? Please. I did a search and all that came up were posts about how smart breastfed kids were when they were 8. :-/ Barb- ...
by Laintje
Re: Sharon Osbourne:
... rewed up offspring. Based on the few episodes I watched, I'd have to agree with Mrs.Osbourne; those kids need structure and discipline, hopefully ...
by steven_upton
Tubby the Tuba creator Paul Tripp NLSTP
I had the record when I was little, which I got to know off by heart. It would be a great tool for teaching kids about the orchestra. It really is a beautiful score.
by stevo_jimmy
Re: Pam Anderson on Larry King
Well gee Pam, thanks for checking in. Let me see, she said that Tommy hasn't seen the kids in a year and then later she said he's seen them 48 hours during the past 4 months. She said she was getting ...
by AngelinaLip
Re: Julia walks like a guy
I remember her on Charles in Charge. She used to watch kids in the same neighborhood as Charles (Scott Baio). As for her looks, I've always hated her gummy grin. However my friend just got her hair ...
by judyptarmigan
Re: Are the guilty???
Agreed. I'm actually convinced that the loser stepfather of one of the boys (the sicko in the HBO specials) actually killed the kids.
by lakeswalker
Liquid News on MJ
Liquid News, the entertainment news programme on BBC Choice, has just run a report on the 'dangling'. Michael's bodyguard refused to defend what Michael did, saying it was very stupid, he said ...
by stevo_jimmy
Arista Records announces Mario Vazquez Debut CD
Debut From Mario Vazquez Summer 2006 Includes Tracks Produced by Luny Tunes Market Wire - April 21, 2006 - Arista Records announces today that Mario Vazquez's debut album for the label will be ...
by ipod
Angelina + ?? -- Who will be next?
After the news of her filing, there must be more than a few actors whose people are calling her people. Who will it be next? 1. Please, God, not George Clooney. Being that he doesn't want children, ...
by jillsandr
Re: Can Wacko Jacko really screw?
She's too old to be making babies! Her eggs are all dried up. I'm too lazy to do a search but didn't she adopt her kids anyway? Her daughter Maria Burton was adopted I know for sure.
by eugenek
Teletubbies makes play for diversity
By DONNA PETROZZELLO NY DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER Creature feature: The Teletubbies 'Teletubbies,' the occasionally maligned though very popular children's series about four alien-like creatures with ...
by Skygirl
Re: Disney puts classics back in vault
I'm surprised they don't rerun the New Mickey Mouse Club and Kids Incorporated. Several of those kids have done reasonably well in music/tv. And for people my age (mid twenties) they were a part of ...
by Keermalec
Robin penns indescretion!
...well, all i can think is that the penns have decided to move right out of ross for good. first they get photographed taking *marijuana* in their driveway, and now she's in the papers living it up ...
by calgal415
Re: Angelinas Tattoo Agony
... ger. Yea that's about the same thing. ;-) I've always wondered what last name people would give the kids if not a single name? His? Hers? Both? In which order? When the dual named kids grow up and ...
by steve_e
Love In Hollywood :)
Christina Aguilera....who recently went from bubble gum pop well...a little scary has found nirvan..literally. She might just be hooking up with foo fighter Dave Grohl. After meeting Dave ...
by Laintje
Re: OT: Found Body Believed to Be Mo. Girl
... irls are getting grabbed left and right. This whole story is very strange. The mother said that the kids wanted to stay with the father, so she and the kids all ...
by waylowrider
Re: Britney Spears Says She is Growing Up
back on Sat, 24 Aug 2002 12:10:36 -0300 that ... The beer is so much better that once the kids get a taste of what real beer tastes like, they'll pass on the **** that's made in the US. Maudit, the ...
by shanek
Re: Baby Just Fashion Accessory for Liz Hurley
Well thanks. :) I even manage to do it with a husband who deploys all the time (he actually left yesterday for 5 weeks). Personally I think motherhood is as hard or as easy as you want to make it - ...
by Brian Albin
Re: LA Schools banning sale of Soda
When I was in school we were only allowed soda machines when we hit high school level. My question is: What are they going to replace it with? Some of these so-called nutritional/sports drinks have ...
by quaternion
I miss...........
Of all the dead celebrities out there I miss Phil Hartman the most. :( Barb- Loves to camp Owner of lots of furry pets and some great kids
by rbravo
Re: Austin Powers in Goldmember Review:
Public schools. Ron Hey kids! Wanna REALLY annoy your teachers? Carry a bible.
by judyptarmigan
Re: Is Annette OToole from Goon Island?
I used to love those cartoons, even the cheesy PSA's with Popeye telling all the kids to be friendly, blah blah blah. I especially loved the Olive Oyl in the army segments, because I'd always wanted ...
by Limnothrix
Pamela Anderson's Passed Bitting her on the A**
... to come back and bite you on the ****... Pamela Anderson is learning that the hard way, through her kids who are getting teased about her and Tommy Lee's Sex Tape. I can't say that I am happy about ...
by Louise
Frankie Goes to Hollywood (Along with his Jonas Brothers)
... vie along with younger brother Frankie and Walter the Farting Dog, To do a movie based on a popular kids book about some musical siblings that need to take take care of their aunts gaseous dog. ...
by Louise
Are You Ready For Johnny Depp As the Mad Hatter?
Anything Johnny Depp is good news in my book and anyone bringing me such news is my new best friend!So, My new best friend Hot Mamma Gossip clued me in that Johnny Depp Has 3 great new projects ...
by Louise
Angelina Experiencing Mother Hood
... 2 at once.I'm sure she could afford help if she wanted it, and I commend her for taking care of her kids and dealing with mother hood in the most natural way. ...
by Louise
Meryl Streep Against Selling Baby Pictures
... ivacy and citizenship. They (paparazzi) can follow me; take a picture, whatever they want to do. My kids, no." Missy, like me, agrees with Streep, but thinks that because actors are vain they ...
by Louise
Are You Ready For Some Madonna News?
... one she owns in New York and plans to combine the two apartments into a one big one for her and her kids. Does it means separations? Her reps have denied the rumors of her splitting up with Guy ...
by Louise
Imagine Yourself and Your Child Like This
... and famous who chose to do what they do with full knowledge of what they were getting into but the kids???? We, should really recheck our values a bit - doesn't seem right to have to grow up like ...
by Louise
Jodie Fosters (non) religious beliefs
Jodie Foster has declared her atheism several times when interviewed by Dan McLeod in 1997 in answer to his question about her stance in the debate between science and religion she said there is ...
by Louise

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