Love In Hollywood :)
Christina Aguilera....who recently went from bubble gum pop star...to well...a little scary has found nirvan..literally. She might just be hooking up with foo fighter Dave Grohl. After meeting Dave ...
by Laintje
Re: John Walshs Wife Files for Divorce
Hollywood, Florida, perhaps? (There are more than one. ;>) I'd love some details, also. Thanks.
by rbravo
The Threes Company cast didnt age well...
Saw John Ritter on tv the other day promoting his new sitcom. Wow, he doesn't look good at all. He used to be a good looking guy, what happened? I also saw the Three's Company True Hollywood Story ...
Jon Voight, crazy or concerned father?
NY DAILY NEWS/RUSH AND MOLLOY..... Jon Voight broke down in tears on TV last night in a plea to his daughter, Angelina Jolie, to 'get help' for what he said are 'serious mental problems.' In a ...
by Brian Albin
Re: STAR 08/06 **BLIND ITEM #1**
can look very elegant, imo. actually, it's a really good guess. >> Well there's no disputing that JA can look elegant but she is hardly in need of liposuction either. The woman is one of the most ...
by quelleinc
Someone get Martha Stewart another aspirin
By GEORGE RUSH NY DAILY NEWS GOSSIP COLUMNIST Someone get Martha Stewart another aspirin. Having been barbecued in two unauthorized biographies, the domestic diva can look forward to another turn on ...
by swissgazer
Paramount Censors Fox Interview With Martin Lawrence
By Roger Friedman/FOX NEWS You may have read how Hollywood publicists try to manipulate the press. But you don't know the lengths they go to accomplish this violation of the First Amendment. ...
by newverswk
Re: Why do they have boy bands on kids movies soundtracks?
If you're gonna insult people at least get it right. There aren't any commies in Hollywood. tim gueguen 101867
by calgal415
Re: Miner Miracle Questions
A rumor surfaced today of a secret meeting in Somerset, Pa about two months ago between two Hollywood producers and mine union officials concerning what could be done about the Bush Administration's ...
by questura
Are the guilty???
I don't know about you, but I am a rock and roll journalist with over 21 years in this business. I have been sitting by quietly watching as countless rock stars, including: Henry Rollins, Pearl Jam ...
by steve_e
Gastnyer leaves SNL
Gasteyer Ends 'SNL' Gig Wed Aug 21, 3:23 AM ET By Michael Schneider HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Gemini's Twin may be looking for a new member: 'Saturday <email> ( news - Y! TV)' player Ana Gasteyer, ...
by waylowrider
Celebrity Real Estate 08/04
Closing His Bel-Air Wing By Ruth Ryon, Times Staff Writer JOHN SPENCER, who plays presidential chief of staff Leo McGarry in the Emmy-winning NBC series 'The West Wing,' has put his Bel-Air home on ...
by filarete
Re: Angelina + ?? -- Who will be next?
She is in her mid 20s, right? Two Marriges. Her latest one lasted two years. That is pretty good by Hollywood's standards. Wouldn't anyone agree? Buttercup *^*^*/ Jane get me off this crazy thing! ...
by vgwhiz
Re: Slightly OT:Celebrity status nomination: Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf (aka Baghdad Bob)
Ah yes, the Information Minister. He's my favorite new comedian. Talk about putting a spin on things. This guy should be in Hollywood making up excuses for the stars. Everyday, I look forward to ...
Hello friends.. I joined this forum a little while ago and my experience is pretty awesome so far. I am from California and I love all the things related to celebrities (e.g. gossips, fashion, ...
by alicefred
BITS AND PIECES 07/25 Part 3
three participants will get their 'ultimate makeover,' including face-lifts and breast implants, according to the Hollywood Reporter.> What a joke. Are we *this* obsessed with ***** & eternal ...
by jillsandr
Is Harrison Fords Career Over?
Hollywood Homicide tanked in it's first weekend in theatres. Some critics are saying it's one of the worst big budget movies of all time. 15 years ago Harrison Ford's name was being mentioned in the ...
by Quesakol
Alias Premiere Primed for Princely Boost
HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - ABC is giving the second season premiere of 'Alias' the royal treatment: the network is speeding up production on its buzzworthy Prince William biopic to ensure the movie will ...
by AngelinaLip
Re: Do people really watch the Emmys?
I used to watch primarily for the pre-interviews, but I had about enough of Joan Rivers. And that facelift is looking worse and worse. I wish they'd dump her for Jules and Steve or something. I loved ...
by angebote
Re: Lonely Renee cries on Demis shoulder
... . alleged eating disorders notwithstanding, to me she comes off as more regular and nicer than most hollywood actors. i am sympathetic, to the point i can really be for ...
by bhargav0303
Re: JON VOIGHTs on E! - WTF?!
Did Jon cheat on Jolie's mom with Jane Fonda? Voight mentioned that he cheated on Jolie's mom during the Access Hollywood interview.
by swasta
Saturday <email> Beating the Bush
By Josef Adalian HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - 'Saturday <email> ' is harking back to its rebel roots, booking Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) as a guest host next season. The former presidential candidate, ...
by angebote
Julia Roberts, Sally Field connection
Did anyone watch the E! True Hollywood Story about Julia Roberts last night? It seems she owes her whole career start to Sally Field, who got her her role in 'Steel Magnolias' and talked Garry ...
by rbravo
Re: Gwyneth Paltrow Haunted by Oscar Dress
I feel so sorry for Gwyneth Paltrow. You are OBSESSED! Be careful or you'll find yourself sitting in the bushes outside her house. Watching endless hours of Access Hollywood and ET can do that to ...
by Lamahe
1978's 'Flesh and Fantasy: The Truth behind the Fantasy and the Fantasy behind the Truth,' by Penny Stallings. All sorts of good Hollywood dirt, scandals, dish.
by bhargav0303
Re: Hitler Favorite Celebrates Centenary
snip Y'know, there was just such a film put out by Light Horse Pictures, 'Seduction of the Will', advertised as 'the film Hollywood won't make'. It's been at film festivals and on PBS.
by steven_upton
Music Gossip 7/16
Christina Aguilera In Eatery Disorder 16 July 2002 Pop babe Christina Aguilera had a top West Hollywood restaurant in a tizzy with her outrageous behaviour during a recent night out. The singer and ...
by quaternion
Shia LaBeouf’s driver’s license suspended
According to Allie from Gone Hollywood-blog Shia LaBeouf’s driver’s license has been suspended, as a result of his July 2008 car crash. The suspension, which took effect January 17, ...
by Louise
Frankie Goes to Hollywood (Along with his Jonas Brothers)
Jonas Bros seem to be on there way to Hollywood with a new movie along with younger brother Frankie and Walter the Farting Dog, To do a movie based on a popular kids book about some musical ...
by Louise
Kara Dioguardi To Freshen Up The Idol Judges Pannel
Season VIII of Idol is closing in on us and will be a little different from the previous seasons.For one thing, it seems that there will be a fourth judge added to the Panel - Kara Dioguardi.Multi ...
by Louise
Meryl Streep Against Selling Baby Pictures
Meryl Steep the mother of four children, is completely against selling rich and famous baby pictures to the press, even if the money does goes charity. "One thing I learned very early on is that ...
by Louise
Is He Gay?
Is Mike Myers gay?The internet is buzzing with speculation, as I read on Anything hollywood who says that the Ny daily ran a guess item and the gawker.com claims that Mike Myers has been "out" in ...
by Louise
Make Your Grandma Fur Coat Work for You
Lindsey Lohan is in trouble once again - this time for allegedly running of with someone elses grandma's fur coat. (Doesn't that sound just ridiculous?) I first read this in Pink News Who inform ...
by Louise
The Hottest Photos Of Jessica Simpson You're Going To See
She looks great don't you think? She is not someone you're likely to see topless but Right Celebrity brings some nice pics Recovering form her little sisters wedding, Jessica is ...
by copper
Who is Your Favorite?
After the final 12 stage I heard many people complaining about the choices of the candidates. Personally I'm all for David Archuleta but that not just because of his singing more of an energy ...
by Louise

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