Is Harrison Fords Career Over?
Hollywood Homicide tanked in it's first weekend in theatres. Some critics are saying it's one of the worst big budget movies of all time. 15 years ago Harrison Ford's name was being mentioned in the ...
by Quesakol
Re: Jon Voight, crazy or concerned father?
I wondered weht Margot , googled to where they say that she fully recovered and without using any drugs. She has become a vocal advocate ...
by stevo_jimmy
Alannah Myles dirty little secret
I came across this article the other day.... I think Alannah Myles should be more concerned that she was beaten soundly in the CFNY 1982 battle of bands by a group called 'Sphincter'. The annual ...
by stevo_jimmy
Re: Sir Anthony Hopkins visits Robert Blake?!
... hompson once gave about Sir Anthony Hopkins. She said that she could gauge how badly in trouble her career was, by how often he mentioned they were friends. She said he is a 'friend in need' who will ...
by doma
Re: The wide world of Harvey Weinstein
Has anyone heard the rumors about Gwyneth Paltrow performing oral favors for Harvey early in her career. There have been alot of rumors that is the reason that she has been such a favorite of ...
by Lamahe
Ashanti Accepts Lady of Soul Award
PASADENA, Calif. (AP) - R&B singer Ashanti accepted entertainer of the year honors at Saturday's Lady of Soul Awards despite complaints from some music fans that she didn't deserve the title. 'It's ...
The Mighty Ricks Critique - Week Three Boys (8)
American Idol Critique - Week Three Boys (8) And so we come to the final chance for the boys. 1. Gedeon McKenney - 'When A Man Loves A Woman' (Percy Sledge) Good song for the G man. It's right from ...
by Roger Steer
Re: Carrie Underwood Redux
For all you Kelly bashers out there, when she won her first ever award for best female pop vocal performance for 'Miss Independent' at the 2003 Teen Choice Awards on Fox, she thanked Idol and 19 and ...
by angebote
Re: Pam Anderson on Larry King
Well gee Pam, thanks for checking in. Let me see, she said that Tommy hasn't seen the kids in a year and then later she said he's seen them 48 hours during the past 4 months. She said she was getting ...
by AngelinaLip
Tiger, Nicklaus Team Up at Bighorn
By DOUG FERGUSON, AP Golf Writer PALM DESERT, Calif. (AP) - The team format for the Battle at Bighorn has changed this year from alternate shot to best ball, which should put a little more life into ...
by swasta
Charlie Chaplins Knighthood Was Held Back
By JANE WARDELL, Associated Press Writer LONDON (AP) - Britain postponed knighting Charlie Chaplin for nearly 20 years because of his romantic escapades and his politics, according to secret ...
by juliannamed
Celebrity Real Estate 08/04
Closing His Bel-Air Wing By Ruth Ryon, Times Staff Writer JOHN SPENCER, who plays presidential chief of staff Leo McGarry in the Emmy-winning NBC series 'The West Wing,' has put his Bel-Air home on ...
by filarete
Re: Sherly Crow on Big Brother
What the heck?!? This isn't a career move of a respected singer/songwriter who is still in the prime of her career. Steve
by sailormars
Re: Martin Sheen Heartbroken Over Lowe Leaving
So, now what is Lowe planning to do? Try to revive his film career? Mutt n' Mute
by luckynup
Julia Roberts, Sally Field connection
... nyone watch the E! True Hollywood Story about Julia Roberts last night? It seems she owes her whole career start to Sally Field, who got her her role in 'Steel Magnolias' and talked Garry Marshall ...
by rbravo
Music Gossip 7/16
Christina Aguilera In Eatery Disorder 16 July 2002 Pop babe Christina Aguilera had a top West Hollywood restaurant in a tizzy with her outrageous behaviour during a recent night out. The singer and ...
by quaternion
Re: Kylie: tacky INXS death jibe by fmr lover
Well, death is a good career move.
by HotLesbianBabes
Re: Britney Spears Says She is Growing Up
Maybe she'll grow up or 'find herself' as some celebs claim to do during her break. Maybe she'll think about her age now, she's a young woman singing to her teenage and younger girl audience, which ...
by Jim Dooley
Re: Batman vs. Superman casting
... had any interest in seeing Nic Cage as Superman. Nic Cage was spared what would surely have been a career-ending, devastating blow. Christian Bale is talented enough to pull off either role. Guy ...
by steve_e
Re: Baby Just Fashion Accessory for Liz Hurley
I found the article to be particularly cruel and mean-spirited. Just as I would not judge a journalist's ability to write based upon a single misplaced comma, I would not judge a person's parenting ...
by AngelinaLip
Re: Country singer compares JW Lindh to Jesus
That 'flushing' sound you hear - it's his career going down the drain.
by eugenek
Re: Austin Powers in Goldmember Review:
... in Goldmember' is easily the worst movie of the year - snip>Myers, has reduced himself to making a career out of 'spoofing' well duh all the Austin Powers movies are like that why would this one be ...
by Woolie Wool
Dangerous sushi
... abruptly announced his decision to pull out of David Mamet's Speed-the-Plow on Broadway to pursue a career as a thermometer, E! News has now learned that Piven's diet is to blame for his apparently ...
by Louise
The End Of the Road
In honor of the end of the <email> tour MSNBC compiled a collection of great excerpts from a speed dating type interview done with five of the 7 singers.I particularly liked the excerpt of the ...
by Louise
Nigel Lythgoe Leaving American Idol
... g down, in order to concentrate fully on So You Think You Can Dance.Nigel Started his entertainment career as a dancer and choreographer and now seems to be heading back to his roots.He was very ...
by Louise
Sick With it Amy!
... ys covered in nicotine patches. Her father claims this is the only way to save his daughter and her career. I am holding thumbs that Amy does stick with it. I can't think of a worse fate for a ...
by Louise
Are Madonna and Guy Richie Not Going to Live happily Ever After?
... uarded their privacy). according to right celebrity the two have just grown apart, with his renewed career in film and her promoting her new album they haven't been spending much time together. ...
by Louise
Instant Success?
... People magazine like Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood often are, they reached pinnacles in their career using other avenues. Being an American Idol is usually a phase, an important one bur just ...
by Louise
Patrick Swayze Has Terminal Cancer
... ing from pancreatic cancer, which could tragically bring down the curtain on his remarkably diverse career. If you want to know why I've come to appreciate him so much then the answer is not his ...
by Louise
American Idol Does Open The Way
If you wandered whether American Idol has the potential to open door for a career in music the answer is yes if you are good. Two past American Idol contestants,Carrie Underwood and Kellie Pickler ...
by Louise

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