Guitarist Eddie Van Halen and actress Valerie Bertinelli have announced they secretly separated ...
This may have been posted previously, I apologize if it has...( I know we've been discussing it but I hadn't see the 10 months ago time frame) Bertinelli's publicist, Heidi Schaeffer, confirmed the ...
by Keermalec
Jon Voight, crazy or concerned father?
NY DAILY NEWS/RUSH AND MOLLOY..... Jon Voight broke down in tears on TV last night in a plea to his daughter, Angelina Jolie, to 'get help' for what he said are 'serious mental problems.' In a ...
by Brian Albin
Re: Cybill Shepherd Battling Cancer
Why don't her people instead send out a press release for Cybill that says 'Actress fakes Cancer to Get Media Attention!' because that's exactly what this is. Hello?? 'Benign' and 'melanoma' are not ...
by picovax
Psycho star Janet Leigh has died
BREAKING NEWS 'Psycho' star Janet Leigh has died, the publicist for her daughter, actress Jamie Lee Curtis, tells CNN. Details soon.
by Master_Cheif
Guy Richie's New Girl Freind
... ntly he is out and about already - Did you know that he has himself a new girlfriend? He is dating actress Kelly Rielly, and although I think Madonna is about as wonderful as you can get - he ...
by Louise
The Bitter Child Custody Battle Between Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee Is Back In Court
Oh to be a fly on the wall for the psych eval. LOS ANGELES - Actress Pamela Anderson and her ex-husband, drummer Tommy Lee, were back in Los Angeles Superior Court today in their acrimonious child ...
by newverswk
Re: Julia walks like a guy
... find her repulsive and talentless. I use to watch her on ATWT and I found her to be god awful as an ...
by sailormars
Re: Gastnyer leaves SNL
'The All that middle-aged actress stuff. Whatever happened to Nora Dunn? She was the best (Jan Hooks is great too).
by johnhaigh
Charlie Chaplins Knighthood Was Held Back
By JANE WARDELL, Associated Press Writer LONDON (AP) - Britain postponed knighting Charlie Chaplin for nearly 20 years because of his romantic escapades and his politics, according to secret ...
by juliannamed
Celebrity Real Estate 08/04
Closing His Bel-Air Wing By Ruth Ryon, Times Staff Writer JOHN SPENCER, who plays presidential chief of staff Leo McGarry in the Emmy-winning NBC series 'The West Wing,' has put his Bel-Air home on ...
by filarete
Lets Redo The Oscars Darlings!
Sweeties, Reading about the 1945 awards and how they took 90 minutes to present got me thinking. What if WE were the boss of everything and could decide what is and isn't televised? Hmmm? What would ...
by picovax
Sampras-Wilson expecting a baby
LOS ANGELES (AP) - Tennis star Pete Sampras and his wife, actress Bridgette Wilson-Sampras, are expecting their first child at the end of the year. The 30-year-old Sampras, who has won the Wimbledon ...
by dh/dt
Re: Angelinas Tattoo Agony
< Is it common for a mainstream, A List actress to do love scenes sans underpants? Topless, sure, but bottomless, too? It makes her seem like chattel to have his name on her private parts, like a ...
by luckynup
Liv Tyler Has Baby Boy
Posted on Wed, Dec. 15, 2004 Liv Tyler Has Baby Boy Associated Press NEW YORK - Steven Tyler is now, gasp, a grandfather. Liv Tyler, daughter of the Aerosmith lead singer and model Bebe Buell, gave ...
by PR-Text-Links
Re: Bebe buell
Playboy's Miss November 1974 and a famous groupie. Ex wife of Todd Rundgren, had child (now actress Liv Tyler) by Steven Tyler while still with Rundgren. Also girlfriend of Stiv Bators, Iggy Pop, Ric ...
by rojettafoxx
Megan Mullally
I Been thinking about actress megan mullally From the tv show 'Will and Grace' She Played Karen Walker Grace Adler's Assianiant I Can Think about Megan Mullally. Megan Mullally In Concert Saturday ...
by newverswk
...guess who?
(From a gossip email) Despite this actress's 'girl next door' image, crews on the set of her new movie are fed up with her nasty behavior and constant demands. She fired a caterer because her grapes ...
by lakeswalker
Gwyneth Paltrow Haunted by Oscar Dress
Gwyneth Paltrow Haunted by Oscar Dress Teen Hollywood July 30, 2002 Hollywood darling Gwyneth Paltrow is still being haunted by her choice of outfit for this year's Oscars. The Gothic-inspired, ...
by armanilounge
Music Gossip 7/16
Christina Aguilera In Eatery Disorder 16 July 2002 Pop babe Christina Aguilera had a top West Hollywood restaurant in a tizzy with her outrageous behaviour during a recent night out. The singer and ...
by quaternion
Hitler Favorite Celebrates Centenary
By Adam Tanner BERLIN (Reuters) - Leni Riefenstahl, the legendary film maker who became notorious as Adolf Hitler's favorite director, celebrates her 100th birthday today. For decades Riefenstahl has ...
by ipod
Gena Rowlands
Anybody know if the legendary actress Gena Rowlands has anything coming up soon?
by quelleinc
Antonio Banderas feels safer in Buenos Aires than New York
ASSOCIATED PRESS..... Antonio Banderas feels safer in Buenos Aires than in New York, the Spanish actor said in an interview. 'People asked me if I wasn't afraid to come here. Well, no,' he told ...
by angebote
Re: Renee sick of weight obsessed media
: Actress Renee Zellweger has attacked the media, accusing them of starting a : worldwide obsession with her weight. And who sends out the press releases about gaining X number of pounds to play ...
by steve_e
Nicole Kidman Wants Yet Another Child
... Apparently, she is at the point in life where she feels she can take anything on The 41 year old actress just left 4 month old baby Sunday for 24 hours for the first time to promote her film ...
by Louise
Are You Ready for Uma Thurman?
... rhood. I am very excited about that. I love Uma's looks and more importantly I think she is a good actress and I enjoy watching her movies. mavrix on the other hand, is really not to moved about ...
by Louise
Jodie Fosters (non) religious beliefs
Jodie Foster has declared her atheism several times when interviewed by Dan McLeod in 1997 in answer to his question about her stance in the debate between science and religion she said there is ...
by Louise

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